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Seance and Moore from Chelsea Goodwin, horror host and WIOX radio personality

Chelsea Goodwin, shown with Rusty Mae Moore, is the host of In Goth We Trust on 91.3 WIOX Community Radio, a horror host who will be showing some amazing films at Gilt and Fanfare, an Heretic Philospher/psychic and a lot of fun to have around

What I Bring

I will be conducting a séance around a bonfire, MCing, showing films, and first and foremost memorializing my beloved wife, Professor Rusty Mae Moore aka The Crone Witch of the Blackthorne and The Technical Turtle

Who I Am

Chelsea Goodwin hosts In Goth We Trust every Wed. and Thurs Night on 91.3 WIOX Community Radio. She hosts viewings of classic films, mostly horror and sci fi, performs seances and other forms of public ritual, is the author of Pine Hell, plays a mean ragtime and early jazz piano, and first and foremost is the widow of Rusty Mae Moore.

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